What the Hell Man!



It may not sound the most spiritually appropriate thing to say but seriously, what is going on in 2018?!


Can you feel how accelerated our growth is right now?

As individuals and as a collective, we are moving forward more rapidly and more fervently than ever before.  We always knew this was coming, a time of rapid growth and activation, but for many people this can be daunting.  Here’s an important question to ask yoursel:

Are you being triggered or activated?

At this stage one of two things is happening, you are either being triggered by external people or circumstances; or you are being activated and finding yourself very inwardly focused and orientated towards peace and stillness.  If you are having the experience of being triggered please read the next paragraph, if you are being activated then first celebrate and second open your heart and reach your hands out to someone who is being triggered because this planet has a LOT that is surfacing at the moment.  All the old wounds, all the old trauma’s are coming to the surface and they simply won’t and can’t be suppressed.

Who is pushing my buttons?

Look at who is pushing your buttons as the catalyst that ascends you, the person or event that pushes you to looking inward and rather than reacting to the situation, see it as an opportunity to raise your frequency by:

  • being conscious
  • being present
  • being aware
  • being connected
  • being accepting
  • being forgiving
  • being transformed

Is it that simple?  It certainly sounds that way but it’s not, because making the above choices means letting go of whoever or whatever you may have been triggered by.  This means unconditionally letting it go so that you can move forward.  Letting go is not a thought but an an active experience that creates a feeling of willingness inside of your body.  So go inside yourself and do some honest surveillance work, are you willing to let go right now of whatever may be triggered in you and if so, by how much.

Make it count, go all the way and then just a little bit further .. because you deserve the feeling of expansiveness and freedom that comes from feeling completely free of old lower frequency energy.

with love
Kerry K
“samadhi is a state of being, it a oneness that connects us all, let it speak to you”



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