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16 reviews for The New Human

  1. Brenda Harting

    This is the first time I have experienced such love, openness, and support from a group of humans! Even though we may be on various spots on our ascension path, that didn’t matter. We each received what we needed from Kerry, from the Galactics, and from each other. This workshop represents everything that I desire for the New Earth experience. Tremendous!

  2. Wendy Spinks

    What a gift of an experience! Expressing my deep gratitude for all that Kerry offers and facilitates through this phenomenal course , I cannot recommend her work and leadership enough.

    I so loved every week and looked forward with excitement to each session .

    Every week we stepped and grew a little more into our new human . And through co-creation with Kerry and her guides and we opened up and stretched and expanded a little more each week with divine perfect timing that was in alignment for each being .

    I enjoyed and appreciated all Kerry and the group have shared and feel so much richer and more at ease in my body as we shift.

    Thank you.

    Feeling part of a group like this , connected to a family of souls weekly has been uplifting, and a joyful experience every Saturday in lockdown .


    Wendy Spinks

  3. Julie Haller (verified owner)

    This was the most beautiful experience, connecting with and feeling the presence of each and every person involved the whole time. With Kerry’s guidance we activated and balanced each chakra, had so many activations and aha moments. We met the Galactic Federation, our galactic counter part, received many gifts, hugs, tears of love and joy and connections that will last forever. I know that I moved forward on my journey with much more grace because of this experience. Much love to all and Thank You Kerry from the bottom of my heart! 💕

  4. Cindy-Anne Lewis (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful course Kerry! The past 8 weeks have been an incredible journey, and I have learnt and expanded so much inside and out. After the call ended today, a sudden wave of sadness came over me, as you have all felt like family over the past 2 months, and I realized my Saturday’s would no longer have all of you filling my screen. But I am eternally grateful for the growth and also to meet all of you wonderful souls. And mostly to Kerry K who’s been so much of a guiding light in my life. I start the day each day being thankful and grateful for all that I am and all that I have. And mostly for being a beautiful soul in a very human experience. This course has activated and expanded me to new heights, and I can honestly say that I feel like a ‘New Human’ (appropriate give the name it this wonderful Journey)! Thank you Kerry So much for the amazing journey and go well beautiful souls, until we meet again 💜

  5. NIcola Bingham (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED everything about this course! For me, whilst I am spiritual, I was going out on a limb into an area I was not at all familiar with…ie, my Galactic Family. I have come away, however, having not only learned to embody my NEW HUMAN but having found that I have an extended family here on Earth AND our there in the Galaxy. It all feels so normal to me now and so much more sense. I have loved my Saturday afternoons spending time with Kerry and the group of loving like minded souls. Kerry is such a kind, loving, nurturing and wise soul. She made each and every one us feel heard, cared for and loved.She goes out of her way outside of the course to be there for people and I feel her to be a true kindred spirit and friend. Thank you Kerry. Your knowledge and gifts are teaching skills are profound , and I am truly GRATEFUL! So , btw, is my Galactic Counterpart, who is with me by my side as I write, nodding in agreement. Nothing but GRATITUDE and LOVE .XXX

  6. Jacqueline Schofield (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Kerry for guiding us lovingly, always supportive and holding an expansive space for us to grow into in our own way. Thank you to The Galactic federation of light for helping us remember our truth. To everyone in our group I’m so glad we all found each other again. Love you all 🌷

  7. Amy Couture (verified owner)

    This course was beautiful and phenomenal beyond words. Kerry’s guidance, wisdom, and galactic connectedness are incredible, and it has been even more moving and expansive than I could have dreamed. It was awesome too that so many like-hearted beings gathered here, so that during every session, we could feel the magical synchronicity of all of us gathered together, and the amazing energy that was created—heightening our experiences as well. Kerry talked too about how the energy would just keep increasing as the sessions are rewatched, and we loved re-experiencing the sessions online in between.

    Also, like I’m sure many others there, I have worked with energy for many years, with different practitioners. But none have been like Kerry. Kerry has this resonance, this deep love and compassion that is magical, and that just pours out of her voice and presence. This presence greatly amplified the energetic transmissions we experienced every week (and in between, through the replays!) We are all impacting earth’s ascension, and Kerry is definitely here in order to help greatly expand this process. She is one of the most gifted and powerful teachers/energy facilitators I have ever worked with.

    Changes have rippled out from me to my children, and no doubt beyond us as well. I have felt SO much more love and compassion during the course, and have found myself effortlessly quitting attachments that I had struggled with for ages. One example is alcohol. I have no judgment against alcohol, and have long enjoyed having a glass of wine in the evening. I won’t say that it felt great in my body the next morning, but it was not at all a priority to worry over. But – after a couple of weeks of this class, it was just like I completely and benignly lost interest in it. No scuffle, no reverie, just zero interest. And it is SO freeing!! I can say now that my body loves it this way, and that likely this was my higher self coming more ‘online’ within me now. Just one example of many. (I still have a drink with friends on the weekend, no big deal, but otherwise no interest.) Also, food that my body didn’t want has also been falling away from me as well, especially gluten and just overeating in general. That also is a small miracle!

    Kerry describes that the work we do ripples out, and boy did it ripple out to my children as well, during this exact time period. My older teenage son has become much more buoyant, optimistic, and positive, and my daughter has become way more open about her feelings, and also much more interested in the universe and ascension – things that before she would roll her eyes over.

    I also have found myself speaking my truth more in all kinds of relationships. I also feel much more connected to Gaia, the trees, my higher self, and the galactic beings. I hear and feel their beautiful guidance and insights all the time now, and have also had lovely dream conversations with them.

    Before this course, I honestly was feeling very alone. Even though I was on a zillion FB pages about ascension, I still felt like I was just floating along, disconnected to most everyone around me. Now, I feel deeply connected, and no longer adrift. I also feel much greater peace and magic in my life. I can’t recommend this course enough. Kerry is pure magic.

  8. kare (verified owner)

    Thank you Kerry, for again being your loving, patient self. I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to instruct this course. I looked forward to each class and the time spent with my fellow participants. It was like a weekly loving expansive cocoon that we got to immerse ourselves in for a couple of hours. So much information and connection squeezed into that time.

    You never disappoint Kerry, and always exceed my expectations. Much love and gratitude to you.

  9. Dee Bogan (verified owner)

    I found this course to be simply amazing and enlightening in a way that I had never experienced before. I was truly sad when it was over. I wanted to learn and experience so much MORE!!

  10. Trude Therese Lunde (verified owner)

    I loved everything about this course! It’s all about embodiment. Kerry has a grounded and powerful, yet soft and loving energy and presence, and her teaching reaches far beyond her words. I’ve seldom felt in such a safe and supportive space, as she has managed to create for us in her live zoom-classes. Thank you so, so much to Kerry, The Group, and The Galactics for creating “The New Human” course, making it available for anyone who wishes to embark on this deeply personal yet universal journey!

  11. Detrice Smither (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with Kerry, and I was blown away. She is so incredibly connected and loving and such a powerful facilitator, this course was like nothing I’d ever experienced (and I’ve taken plenty of courses). I shifted dramatically during the 8 weeks and have reached a point of inner stillness that I’m still marveling at. I also experienced my first galactic council meeting last night (3 days after the last class). In short, I’m completely in love with Kerry K, and I wholeheartedly recommend this course. WORTH IT!!!

  12. Sherry B. (verified owner)

    Initially, there was a hesitation due to the financial and time commitment. My inner guidance was loud and clear “You don’t want to miss this!” As always, it was right!

    Each week I looked forward to this beautiful community retreat. There were so many clearings, activations, ah-has, self- discovery and heartfelt connections experienced. Embodying aspects of self, unknown or known in thought only, has ignited courage and confidence to shine even brighter in these times! I am extremely grateful to Kerry for following her nudge to share her love and gifts with us! Revelling in a space of awe and grace. Much Love 💗

  13. tfbushnell (verified owner)

    This goes beyond words numerous times. I agree with all that has been said in the previous reviews.
    Here are some additional comments I would like to add.

    * The New Human title for me was met and more. We started at a higher vibrational space and went from there.

    * Kerry is so authentic. She holds the space of alchemist in the zero point. She is funny and she can lead you into depth and expansiveness.

    * It is well worth the monetary commitment.

    Thank you all for participated and to those that will in the future.
    It all contributes.

    In awe,

  14. Lisa Leinen (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this course or about Kerry herself. I first became aware of Kerry through her live videos and was immediately struck by the loving, nurturing qualities that she exudes. At the same time, she also gained my respect immediately when it became clear that she is all about authenticity and doing the real work that needs to be done in order to keep growing and moving forward on our Ascension journey. I had been exposed to so many “spiritual teachers” and most had left me underwhelmed and feeling manipulated. Kerry genuinely wants to lead each person into their own mastery and to me, that is the mark of a true way shower and leader. I feel that I have expanded into myself so much this past year and much of it is because of Kerry’s love and guidance. She is a true example of neutrality and someone who wishes to build unity. When she told us we would be working with the Galactics in this course, I was all in. She is such an open channel for their powerful energy and she can hold that energy like a true master. Words cannot express how beautiful it was to connect with my galactic counterparts and others from the Galactic Federation, in preparation for what I know is going to be an incredible reconnection in the physical in the near future. I feel that this course has prepared me for what lies ahead and has given me a foundation to build on in my work with our Galactic brothers and sisters. If you get a chance to take one of Kerry’s courses, say yes! You will be so glad you did.

  15. Lenora Pfeffer (verified owner)

    I cannot put into words how deeply moved and activated I feel after this course, all of Kerry’s courses are amazing, but this one is way beyond amazing, it was very deep and intimate, and brought a sense of equality with galactic counterpart, and great positivity for future. Literally feeling like I’m becoming a new human! Mich love and Gratitude 🙏

  16. Carmen (verified owner)

    What a gift of an experience! This was my first experience with Kerry and words cannot express the gratitude that I feel. Kerry’s guidance, wisdom and galactic connectedness was nothing like i experienced before. When real truth is spoken it resonates on a level of knowingness within and it ignites the remembrance to allow you to reclaim your own human potential. This course goes beyond words and even this world. Thank you much love xoxo

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