Stability Part 2

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In Stability Part 1, we underwent a powerful activation of anchoring cosmic energy that both anchored the human body into Gaia, our planetary consciousness as well as into our Heaven or Monadic Structure. The activation was powerful and allowed the body to experience itself as stable but not tethered, free but simultaneously held.

Part 2 of Stability will have us paying more attention to the infusion of light taking place within body and recognising this as the place that heaven and earth meet. We will also be strengthening our Gaia connection and taking what we have learned and implemented to the next level. This next level is unique to each soul, each person begins at a different starting point from which they are met by their Galactic and Divine Team in order to take them to their personal potential.

This is part 2 in a three part series.

Part 1 – activation
Part 2 – consolidation
Part 3 – integration

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1 review for Stability Part 2

  1. Holly Gietl (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this immensely. Very activating.

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