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Stability – Part 1

Stability Part 1 – Activation

Gaining stability is one of the most powerful things to master as we enter a new phase of consciousness.

As we ascend into higher frequency and leave the old chaotic world truly behind, we have moments where out of habit we find ourselves aligning to old idea’s that inhibit our expansion and pause our progress. If you find this happening to you, don’t berate yourself, know that you are learning to master a very important 5D concept called stabilising. This is where you become capable of centering your entire energy field into 5D and beyond even if the world around you can look uncertain and chaotic. With this skill mastered, you will attain higher degrees of stability and avoid feeling like a roller coaster or doing what I call, the wobble. Notice how many people sway in their perspectives based on who they listen to, as you enter 5D and higher, mastering stability is the thing that prevents you from crashing into lower frequencies when confronted with a person, a habit, an addiction, an event or the world around you going into lower frequency. You therefore remain a beacon of consciousness regardless of the external world.
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Stability Part 2

Stability Part 2 – Consolidation

Part 2 of Stability will have us paying more attention to the infusion of light taking place within body and recognising this as the place that heaven and earth meet. We will also be strengthening our Gaia connection and taking what we have learned and implemented to the next level. This next level is unique to each soul, each person begins at a different starting point from which they are met by their Galactic and Divine Team in order to take them to their personal potential.

The effects of this meditation are very powerful, if you enjoyed Stability Part 1 this one is going to take you to a whole new level of experiencing yourself in a stabilised field of reality.
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Stability Part 3

Stability Part 3 – Integration

This is the final installment of our Stability Trilogy, this three part series will quite literally take us to heaven and back again, its teaching is anchoring, grounding and creating a field of reality in which we can experience ourselves as light, calm, supported and able to navigate whatever is in front of us with grace and ease. This supports the body in getting out of resistance and into acceptance, creating a sense of flow, trust and safety for the physical form.

This is the true integration phase, where we unlock the bodies ability to access its own higher knowing and to operate from that place.
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