Presence Part 2

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Amanda Lorence and Kerry K collaborate to create a field of silence, a permeable activated field of living consciousness with an invitation for you to enter into and become a part of. Immersed in the presence of presence itself. We will begin with a short introduction, giving you time to get comfortable and attuned to the living field of vibratory awareness. From there the immersion will begin, eyes will close and each attendee will find themselves exchanging explanation for experience, mind chatter for stillness, and left brain logic for whole brain access. Let your heart explore and be where your mind has been telling you to be. Let’s create the space where we no longer plan, hope or wish to be there but immerse in presence, as presence.

A note on the fee structure: To create an equal exchange of energy we have created the following options for you. Attendance is by donation with a minimum entry of $11.00 (US) per person, for those who can afford more there is an option to pay your chosen amount starting at $11.00

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Minimum suggested fee: (US) $11.00

Minimum price: (US) $11.00

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2 reviews for Presence Part 2

  1. Kay Teahan

    This is a blessing 🙏the first session was pure divine love. Thank you both for creating this space 💙🌹

  2. Alexia IzRA


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