Immersion into Presence

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Amanda Lorence and Kerry K collaborate to create a field of silence, a permeable activated field of living consciousness with an invitation for you to enter into and become a part of.  Immersed in the presence of presence itself.  We will begin with a short introduction, giving you time to get comfortable and attuned to the living field of vibratory awareness.  From there the immersion will begin, eyes will close and each attendee will find themselves exchanging explanation for experience, mind chatter for stillness, and left brain logic for whole brain access.  Let your heart explore and be where your mind has been telling you to be.   Let’s create the space where we no longer plan, hope or wish to be there but immerse in presence, as presence.

A note on the fee structure:  To create an equal exchange of energy we have created the following options for you.  There is a suggested donation of $11 per person, for those who can afford more there is an option to pay whatever amount you are comfortable with.  For those who can not afford to be there you may select the $0 payment level and arrive as our guest.  You are encouraged to be there at the event, live if you can make it, although a recording will be made available for those who can’t attend.

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Minimum suggested fee: (US) $11.00

Minimum price: (US) $11.00

24 reviews for Immersion into Presence

  1. Angela

    Blessed Be

  2. Nancy Congleton


  3. Karen Wilson

    Love ❤️

  4. Sonia

    Your work is a blessing for humanity

  5. Linda


  6. Lis

    5star and very helpful

  7. Stephne

    Love and blessings

  8. Sandra Brown

    Great content

  9. Elzbieta


  10. Silvia Vargas

    Much love💜💜💜

  11. Silvia Vargas

    Much love

  12. Kay Teahan

    Many thanks for leading us to this Sacred Space 🙏💙

  13. Alexia IzRA

    ONE Love 💜💜💜

  14. Alexia IzRA

    Love & Gratitude 💗💗💗

  15. Toni

    I so want to be there but I am unemployed ….. I want to be there

  16. Toni

    Please …. us and uk dollars are so much more for me

  17. Alexia IzRA


  18. Mo Upton

    In gratitude

  19. Manomi

    Very much grateful to all what you do.

  20. Karen Wilson


  21. Karen Baczewski

    Everything is and always has been ” Divinely Orchestrated. “

  22. Lis

    per and very helpful


    Five Star!

  24. michelle kidd (verified owner)

    Awesome session thank you Kerry and Amanda. Such Peace, BEing in your Aura’s allowed me to go Deeper than I ever have BEfore. Feeling So Peaceful and Blissed out 💓. Michelle

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