Higher Heart Higher Mind

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A 6 week online course.

Each session is approximately 2 hours.
In this course we will be delving into the magic and mystery of the pineal gland and the sacred chamber of the higher heart which restores our connection to higher love unification.

We will journey together every week, progressively opening the pineal gland, calibrating the physical and light body as we enter the new-human template.

This is a replay which means you are able to progress through this course at your own pace, you may wish to do it over 6 weeks as the live participants did or faster/slower depending on how you are called to interact with this information. Expect it to be life changing, it is!

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3 reviews for Higher Heart Higher Mind

  1. RAMONA MACLEAN (verified owner)

    Kerry took us on a amazing self discovery journey, understanding how incredible our body is, how little we ve been taught about its magic and how it’s actually working . For me its been a Heart Blowing journey which allowed me to dig deeper within me and find important missing pieces of my puzzle. Highly recommend 💓

  2. Cheryl Coady (verified owner)

    HHHM delved deeply into our bodily connections to Source.
    I found it informative and the processes of guided meditations to be deeply moving.
    To have the ability to return and revisit any time I feel called to through replays is an added bonus.

  3. Sally F

    I watched this course on a replay after the live event was done, in the beginning I felt that I was missing out by not attending live but this totally shifted for me when I felt how I was being interacted with and how I was growing. To say this changed my life is an understatement, I have no words to describe what this meant to me. Thank you Kerry K, you are a master at what you do although I sense you may be too humble to agree. You are! This was a highlight in my spiritual growth that I will keep coming back to.

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