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Self Discovery Is A Click Away


You Noticed?


  • that you are becoming more sensitive
  • that the external world makes less sense to you
  • that the answers you’re looking for don’t even have questions
  • that you feel things so deeply but can’t explain them
  • that you feel a sense of something about to happen but aren’t sure what or when

Then joining the Light Tribe is your next step


You Can


  • be lead into the centre of your own being
  • connect to your essence and inner wisdom
  • celebrate yourself and the long journey it took to get here
  • get out of self judgement
  • embark on a true journey of personal responsibility, self development, and radical growth


Kerry K

 A note from Kerry:

My job is not to lead you to me, but to lead you to yourself, where you can begin to access your infinite wisdom and connect to the truth of you.


You Join the Light Tribe


You Gain Instant Access To:


  • the meditation library (audio and video)
  • replays of past teachings, activations and meditations
  • access to our vibrationally encoded meditation room (the zero point zone)
  • bonus courses: Dragon Riders II and Energy Body Realignment
  • the main event: access to our weekly live calls


Moment You Join


You enter into the Light Tribe, which is a field of pure consciousness that holds you and allows you to access and interact with your divinity. This reconnection creates a recalibration within you, opening up more access to your own multi-dimensional self and giving you more space to occupy.


Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“Since joining the Plasma Tribe a little over 2 months ago, I have experienced profound growth and expansion. I said “yes” to allowing this growth, wherever it might lead, and almost immediately I felt abundantly supported. The insights I have gained have been perspective-changing and my connection with my divine self has deepened exponentially. Taking responsibility for my experiences, creations, thought patterns, and reactions has been life-changing. My artwork transformed into something magnificent and new, bursting with energetic codes to support humanity!

The community of the Tribe is unparalleled – we hold space for each other lovingly, without judgment, and allow each other to find the wisdom within. Facing uncertainty with an open heart is the bravest thing, and I’ve seen more examples of utter bravery, of authenticity, of divine transformation within this Tribe in 2 months than I’ve seen in my 45 years prior to that.

By saying “yes” to your own authenticity and expansion, you will open the door to deep change. Introspection will be required. Authenticity will be necessary. But the rewards are beyond description…. And finding your Tribe, your light family, makes the journey that much more amazing.”


Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“I just did Dragons 2 and it was magical. I’ve never delved into Dragons. I didn’t know about it either. But the sense of presence was so unmistakable, really wonderful. Since I follow everything from you every day, I feel more and more at home in myself. I have always projected this wholeness into a partner and now for the first time I feel it in ME! Soooo thankful!”

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

Sonia L
“I have not yet made it to a live call, although I intend to, I am writing to tell you that it’s no joke when you say that our lives can change the moment we join. Mine did. I felt it and I don’t always energy, maybe it was me making a commitment to myself – I don’t know, but something in me shifted. I have now been a member for 2 months and my life has changed in ways that I can’t describe, I have more money, more peace, more contentment and less anxiety. I can’t say thank you loudly enough, Kerry I know that this is your doing even though you will tell me that I did it all (I have been watching your replays!)”

Review of the Tribe's Zero Point Zone

Roopa Karayi
“I love the Zero Point Zone!! Thank You Kerry for creating this space for us!! This is the space I go to not only when feel like meditating, but especially when I’m triggered or feel the need to steady myself. I have been feeling very unsteady with everything that has been going on around the world. If it hadn’t been for this space, I would have had a breakdown. It helps stabilize me. Thank You Kerry!!”  🤗💗

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“Hi Kerry! I have found my experience in the light tribe to be a sanctuary of love and support! I have participated in most of the live events and have found your presentations to be activating in all the best ways. Your personal interaction within the community is what sets this group apart from others I have participated in. The focus on self awareness and authenticity is incredibly resonate! I’m grateful to be walking this path with you and the Tribe! Much love” ❤️❤️❤️

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“Humans long for connection but fear judgement due to varying circumstances. Finding a community that makes you feel safe and surrounded by love is no small task but once you feel the warmth and light of a virtual hug in this container there is no turning back. It’s a place to unleash your fears without judgement, to paste your creative energy and inspire others and a family you choose to walk the path back home to divine truth, love and light. Kerry is an exceptional captain keeping her crew on their toes by guiding them within in a manner that embodies your past, present and future. We are warriors of light, a team rooting for Humanity!
It’s a gift you give yourself being here, part of awakened history in motion.
Everyone is welcome and we can’t wait to meet fellow brothers and sisters.
Come meet yourself and remember who you are” ❤️

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“I am very grateful to Kerry for the Plasma Light Tribe. This was the first step in finding my divinity, in the most supportive community I have ever known. It truly is an ascension playground filled with like hearted souls, engaging in conversations on Discord, and in weekly zoom meetings, with soul readings, Q&A, deep dive into our most profound essential truth, and many activations. We support one another, and are also supported by Kerry and the Galactics whose presence show up at each zoom meeting. We are all in individual ascension paths but walking together. My first touch of my own divinity was on a Friday zoom call. My first deep dive into my most profound truths have been on zoom calls. This tribe of light is a reservoir of faith. Much love and gratitude.”

Review of the Tribe's Zero Point Zone

Mary Makkonen
“So wonderful to access deep deep silence on a phone app! Sounds impossible, yet I find it there every time. Thanks Kerry!”

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“Kerry’s insights and loving guidance has been instrumental for me to find my truth and claim my power. Her message in being authentic has triggered unconditional love and complete acceptance of Self. Being connected to this Plasma Light Tribe is helping me to discover my place in the Universe and becoming the best version of myself. Thank you for being the light that guides us all through!”

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“As a new member of the Plasma Light Tribe, I’ve been welcomed and supported in my journey right where I’m at. Each person is respectful of the other sharing their wisdom and love with a depth of courage it blows me away. This is a tribe of light warriors with a desire to stand in their highest truth no matter what challenges they might be walking through. Thank you Kerry for providing this platform with your amazing presence. We are walking together through our ascension, while allowing the masks to drop so we can co-create the new earth.”

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“I joined this tribe because I really felt like I had been stagnant in my growth in the last 6-8 months and I wanted to keep expanding. I believe I am receiving what I desired. It really is not possible to be part of this tribe and stay the same! So grateful.”

Review of the Tribe's Zero Point Zone

MaryAnne Pitt
“Entering the Zero Point Zone, for me, is much like entering a cave of higher dimension stillness (because it is!). In one breath I am fully and completely immersed in a pool of silence and love, no matter what else is transpiring around me. Thank you, Kerry, for creating this sacred space that I can access wherever I am!”

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

Kathy S
“Although a new member, my experience with the Plasma Light Tribe is they are amazingly supportive, loving people with wicked humour and all true warriors of the highest truth. The members are committed to dropping the false ego, becoming transparent and meeting each other in divine presence no matter how challenging their individual journeys seem to be. Truely, I could not be connected to a more beautiful tribe than this. Thank you Kerry for creating the space for us and what you bring to this tribe. Much love.” ❤️

Review of the Plasma Light Tribe

“I have always looked outside of myself for healing or information on the spiritual world. As a result, I have felt lost, confused and frustrated. Joining the Plasma Light Tribe has been an evolutionary key in my growth. I now understand I am not broken but whole. I am not here to heal the world but rather heal myself and I am the only one that holds the responsibility and wisdom to unlock what is within. Sunshine hugs of gratitude to Kerry and the Plasma Light Tribe!”


A word from Kerry K


Being spiritual does not mean you stop feeling emotions like pain, anger and hurt, it means that you experience them more intensely because you feel and tune in more. It also means that your anger can feel like unbridled rage, your sorrow like an unrelenting desolate grief, your love like pure divine presence and your joy – – the upliftment of the universe. Keep connecting, keep tapping in, keep facing what arises without recoiling. You are the warrior sent to stoke the fires of change and fan the flames of alchemical transformation as you birth new worlds and watch old ones fading. Please remember that you are not here to be perfect, you are here to be real, to feel, allow, and connect, that is the formula to a whole new world, and you are the key!

About Kerry K


About Kerry KHi, my name is Kerry K and I am a being who remembers more than most. I remember being a baby, I remember being born and I remember being in the womb. When I was small, my wonderful mom said that since I could remember so much of my infancy, I should let myself remember further back to a time before I was born. So, I did. I remembered not only other lives, but other times – in the future.

I remembered being with a group of very evolved beings, who knew that it was a crazy thing to do, but if our idea worked would become one of the most gorgeous miracles we could imagine. That was, to come back to earth, before her and her people ascended into higher consciousness, and support reality from the inside. If we succeeded, we would be giving more people the opportunity to ascend (transcend the illusion of separation) and create balance for the countless injustices that caused humanity to forget and get stuck.

The mission entailed coming back into a rather dense body form, forgetting who we were, and participating fully in the human experience until activation occurred and allowed us to fulfil our purpose. Much like seeds awaiting germination, we knew that some would not, which is why many of us came. Some have called us starseeds, but we are more than that, we are a group of multidimensional, inter-galactic, time travelling beings, here to give humanity the opportunity to remember who they are.

I am here to allow Universal wisdom to blend with me and share itself with you. I do not channel higher beings; I communicate with them. I am not a scribe, but a conscious participant in these interactions. It is from this vantage point that I share my teachings with you. Not to lead you to me or anyone else, instead, my purpose is to lead you to you. Home. The centre of your being that is a stargate connected directly to the heart of the Universe.

When you are led back to your own essence and learn to listen to your resounding wisdom that speaks without words, then you become a ripple that creates an entirely new reality, one that is far more magnificent than anything you could currently dare to imagine.


Frequently Asked Questions


Discord. You can join from the Members Area by clicking on the option to join our online chat group. You only need to do this once. Discord will automatically set you up with a user name and password, please do make note of it so that you can log in again. You can download the discord app to any device you have, however it is not supported on Safari so please use another browser for access.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that in our private chat group you are required to use the name and surname that you registered with when you join the Light Tribe. This way we can ensure that only members are able to participate in the chat.

How does the Zero Point Zone Work

The Zero Point Zone is a very sacred space and also hosted on Discord (as is our everyday chat group). It is encoded with 15D frequency and set to always recalibrate itself to 15D. This means that no matter what you might be feeling, high or low, up or down, you may enter the ZPZ and know that you are not capable of “spilling” negative energy into the sacred space. It is a pure space and there is nothing like it. To use it, you simply click on the Zero Point Zone in Discord and close your eyes, sit in stillness or meditate. The energy is calming, and neutral and will support you in relieving anxiety and calming the nervous system and allowing you to access deeper level of wisdom and your higher consciousness.

Special Note: Don’t seek or ask questions, try to just “be” in that space. Please note that since this is a sacred space no text is allowed in the ZPZ so please leave only an emoji to represent your presence there.

Will I be expected to be at the live calls?
Absolutely not, the live calls are there for you only when your time allows you to join them. Some people will never miss a call and others will attend once every 6 months. This is why every call is recorded and available to you to watch at your leisure in the Live Call Library.
What platform do you use for the live calls?

Zoom. If you have never used zoom before you are welcome to go to youtube and watch any number of demo video’s that will give you a beginners guide on how to use zoom. The platform is however very user friendly and requires no skills.

Where do I find the link to the live calls?
In the Members Area of my website.
Will I be on camera?

No, only the speaker is on camera. However if you ask a question that gets answered or if you request a soul reading, then you will be required to turn your camera on and be on screen. Please note that everything is recorded and available publicly.

What else do I need to know about the live calls?

One hour before each friday live call, there is a separate group call for the light tribe to enjoy a general chat, on camera. This is to get to know each other and is not facilitated. Only attend if you’d like to meet other members of the tribe. I do not attend the pre call chat and will only be there at our designated time.
Find the link to the pre-call chat in the members area

A beautiful thing always happens in our live calls:

Because of the sanctity of our space, you land up hearing exact words that you needed to. Questions you have been holding will be answered without asking and messages you didn’t know you needed, will be delivered. Sometimes, attending a live call gives you more than you could ask for. Replays are always powerful, but a live call will give you a little extra.

Where do I find the library content

In the Members Area of my website in the “Quick Links” menu

What if I want to cancel my membership?
Your membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel it, you are free to cancel at anytime, no refunds will be given for any unused portion of membership fees paid.
What if I want to pay with a means other than PayPal?

My website only accepts payment via PayPal, if you would prefer another payment option then you can join using Patreon who will accept payment via visa and mastercard as well. Regardless of whether you join via Patreon or directly on my website, your membership grants you exactly the same benefits. Join via Patreon HERE