Guided Meditations


Raising your frequency through the practise of meditation

My first love is the art and majesty of guided meditation. During a well facilitated guided meditation you are actually going on a Soul Journey; no longer hearing the sound of the person’s voice guiding you, or even being aware of the room you are in, becoming a cosmic traveller exploring the deepest reaches of your own true essence and returning to your authentic self.

Guided Meditations

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Go visit the store and see what meditations appeal to you, if you are a beginner I suggest starting with deep relaxation and practicing that at least once or twice before going on to your next meditation. Scan through the list slowly, choose whatever resonates with you in the moment

What if I can’t meditate?

If you can follow the sound of my voice then, you CAN meditate.

I’ll guide you step by step, we’ll take it slow and work our way through deep relaxations into higher state meditations. No matter how busy your brain might be, I’ve guided thousands of people all around the world into a meditative state that surpasses their ideas of what they’re capable of.

And it’s not really about how deeply you can meditate, it’s more about how deeply you can tune in to your body and connect with yourself at a new level.

Are You a Beginner in Meditation?

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Insight 1

The goal of meditation is not to begin with a perfectly still mind; that is the end result

Insight 2

Your linear, logical, analytical, chattering brain is not your identity and it is not in charge; you are

Insight 3

Embrace the silence; wisdom is found in stillness and so are you

Insight 4

Visualising is not important; feeling and experiencing is

Insight 5

Get into your body, not out of it; ground everything inside of you so that you can embody your divinity

Insight 6

Get present and connect with the now because that’s the only place that you actually exist

Insight 7

Relaxation requires practice, it is not an indulgence but a necessity for life

Insight 8

Don’t go it alone; guided meditation initiates your connection to yourself and your wisdom

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