Energy update mid 2020

Welcome to August 2020, the deeper we go into this year, the deeper into our shadow we get to see. What a gift, to which I say

THANK YOU Universe! Thank you for showing me what I need to see, to be the highest version of who I really am. Thank you for yet another opportunity to peel away the layers of density that got too heavy to carry any further. Thank you for co-creating with me, a line in the sand that I get to cross and say “that’s it, no more will I dwell in the unknowingness and forgetfulness, from this step on I shed density to reveal the light I am”. Finally. What relief!


The Universe has taken a lot of “slack” for “messing things up” in 2020 yet nothing could be further from the truth. The Universe is a living extension of God, the ONENESS. It is through this living extension that we can feel Gods’ aliveness and presence interacting directly with us. Think of it like this, you are spirit with a body, well God is also spirit but their “body” is the Universe. Your body and “Gods’ body” are in constant interaction with each other. Even in this moment you are knowingly or unknowingly relating to each other, inter-twined and always connected.


Day by day, since 2020 began, the Universe has been creating less and less space for darkness. Less and less space for denial, division, deceit, and delusion. Of course, it looks like chaos but what you are witnessing is the frantic chaos of those who have realised that they are running out of space. Their prime real estate was once the entire world, the space they have to manipulate is being reclaimed by humanity.

I used that word: manipulate because darkness has forgotten how to create.

Darkness manipulates, but light creates.

The stronger you stand in the light that you are, the more you embody that truth that defines you, the more you reclaim your space on planet earth and create a free-world.


When you do this, the result is not instant peace. Quite the opposite, it is instant chaos. That is where we collectively have been since Dec 2019 when the light began to reclaim its rightful space. Buckle up because August is where the planet really begins to shake loose and actively disassemble that once suffocating darkness.


This is what is looks like to me in a visual: From the 1940’s (and even before) the planet was entirely blanketed with darkness. It couldn’t breathe. (Hence the “I can’t breathe” coming in to mass awareness) It was being suffocated and with that, all the light upon the planet dwindled and could barely be seen.


Humanity that was born into that darkness learned to “see” and even believed that what they were seeing in that darkness was the full light spectrum. It never dawned on them that their vision was so diminished.
Fun fact (as my 14-year-old Joshie often says after he’s been learning new things) … well fun fact … did you know that human beings only see .001% of the visible light spectrum. It’s true, I gave a talk on this in Feb this year and did a lot of research into it. It still blows me away to consider that profundity of that statement. We don’t even see 1% of the visible light spectrum. Aaaaah imagine what our eyes will see when they attune to the new light that is coming into our planet and through our upgraded light bodies that are capable of visually seeing, and interacting with, more photonic light.


Back to that visual, there we were, a planet blanketed in darkness and with each passing year that blanket of darkness became heavier and more suffocating until 1984 when the first faint embers of light began to softly creep in. At first the light was too little to be seen by all but since then it has been growing and as it grows it becomes brighter for each set of eyes that sees it and each heart that embraces it, amplifies it. By 2012 we had reached a calculable critical mass. This means that it could be easily calculated that given the current light quotient on the planet, it was evident that it would soon “infect” the rest of the darkness and flip it. Like a polar reversal except this was more of the reversal of polarities. (and yes the two are inter-related but that’s a talk for another day)


The darkness became increasingly agitated at the growing light and set about creating fool proof plans to ensure that humanity would remain in fear and that they could “switch off” the growing light that threatened their existence. In 2016 their plans were foiled by the election of Donald Trump who became the first non-c@bal president. Suddenly they weren’t in control, but they still had many arms of darkness in full operation, the MSM being one of them, and employed those to their fullest capacity.


But then came 2019, this is the year that humanity was in a sense “given the reigns of their destiny”, at least partially. At this time, they began embodying light en-mass and their capability to do that spurred the Great Awakening that we are seeing played out before us. The blanket began diminishing in density, pockets of light were now showing in much the same way that if you held a thick dark blanket up to the sunlight you would see the light shining through those holes. This began to happen on our planet and full-scale panic set in, for the dark ones knew that they could not co-exist with light and that the light ones coming in were no ordinary light. They were capable of transmuting polarity within which would ultimately give rise to the external dark and light coming into balance and eventually, union.

What the darkness sees as death, the light sees as reunion.

The blanket has now become paper thin, allowing light in through bigger and bigger pockets where it has lost its ability to cover humanities eyes and keep them blinded.


In this vision, the time between August and November was where the blanket, or what is left of it, is being shaken out. That spells upheaval but not for everyone. For those who have sought out the light coming in, they will find themselves anchoring more deeply into it and getting calmer. For those who have sought out the cover of darkness, for it appeared to be a sanctuary space where they were protected by forces greater than themselves, they will find this phase of the blanket shaking to be very frightening. The equivalent of someone trying to lift the roof off their house. They are literally fighting to keep the blanket in place. It kept them warm, sheltered and gave them a sense of protection. They have completely forgotten who they are and no longer recognise light as anything except the enemy. In time they will remember. But for now, they are extremely challenged. If you know people like that, go easy on them, this is the hardest thing they will ever have to go through. Just be the light that you are and in time, they will seek you out and refuge in their own light but until then, they will keep defending the darkness and calling it light. They will keep name calling you and lashing out in aggression. They are afraid, and yet still, they are light. Even in their fear. They remain light, just hidden light.

September and October will see an amplification of light, which makes life for those who have already aligned to it and who continue to embody it, even more conscious and therefore more capable of reaching levels of insight, wisdom, acceptance, peace and ease. For those who resist the light, life will become what they don’t want it to be. The light will be less and less affected by the dark, the dark will be more and more affected by the light. This is a hugely important message. Read this paragraph again because it is going to explain so much of what you see over the next few weeks.


Back to where I started in the first paragraph … thank you August 2020 and thank you Universe for showing more of what I need to see. It is through your ability to see that you are entered into a sanctuary of light. The Christians call this “The Armour of God” and it is the light body’s protection over the physical body. It emerges when intense revelation has occurred, and the individual has dropped enough density to embody their light body in higher degrees. This higher frequency creates an automatic shielding/protection around the physical form.


The irony of peering into the darkness, also known as shadow work, is that in facing the darkness, your light is revealed. There are no scary monsters lurking there, yes there is self-doubt, confusion, insecurities, etc but these are substanceless. The time available to you now is the time to overcome any blind spots that prevented you from seeing the enormity of the light within.
What occupies the unseen space within, is your light and make no mistake, you are light. You were born as light, even now as you read this, you are still light. Just because you have forgotten does not make your light less. In fact, the unseen light that you are has been growing all this time, because nothing in the universe is ever stagnant. As you reclaim your light, be prepared that it is brighter than the last time you remember seeing it and being it. You are light. Even if you cannot see it. Remember that, I have a feeling you will be reminding others of the very same thing in the not too distant future.

I do love you.
I honour you and your journey.

Kerry K