Presence, also known as Sacred Stillness, is a state of being.  In the same way that silence is not the absence of sound, but the immersion into a field of awareness that encompasses all that you are; so too is stillness not the absence of movement, but the embodiment of peace and presence.

I could type it all out for you, but you’ll get a far broader understanding by listening to this explanation in a recent Facebook live broadcast that I did with Amanda Lorence where we spoke about presence. The topic is extremely close to both of us as you will hear from our conversation. The video was lagging a bit, but you don’t need the images, just the words. So put in a set of ear phones and take a listen HERE

Amanda Lorence is long-time friend and a real life angel, she lives in Glastonbury near the Glastonbury Tor and is well known to her many followers on Facebook.  When I was nudged to put together an event where people could immerse themselves in presence and move out of the conceptual understanding into the experiential embodiment, Amanda was the first person thought of. Amanda’s gifts are many, but to sum it up in her words she explains that her path is with energy. She understands it’s intricacies, she feels it deeply, she explains it perfectly and she emanates love in a way that leaves you touched to your core when you are in her presence.

Amanda Lorence

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