Ascension 101: Things you may not know

The following post is transcribed from a video conversation with the loving support of Anna McKee, without whom you would not be reading these words. If, as you read, it sounds more like I’m talking to you, it’s because I am! Let these words come alive for you as you read them and take them in.
With all my love, always Kerry K


Ascension 101: Are we there yet?


With the world quickly changing, literally before our eyes, ascension is on the forefront of many a seeker’s thoughts. I regularly receive messages with questions and comments referencing ascension and find it to be a great conversation topic for conversation. We take for granted that we are all on the same page about what ascension means. However, the details of ascension elude many.

I often get people in turmoil about ascension, “Am I doing it right?” or “Are we there yet?” or “What if…”, so many questions that tangle people up.

So, I thought I would share some perspectives with you to consider. First, I initially thought, how do I convey to you how intense this ascension process is? All ascensions are INTENSE because an ascension is moving your body from one state of being to another. It is a phase shift. Our physical bodies are moving from a carbon-based being into a crystalline structured being, we are moving from a dense bodied being into a lighter bodied being.

Ascension is the phase shift that we undergo, it is natural to the body.

Take a moment and really see if you can absorb the concept… the feeling that ascension is a process natural to your body. Your body is designed to ascend, but we live in a world that has tried to undo that. We live in a world where ascension has been attempted before, only to be derailed for centuries. Today is different; we are working within some truly extraordinary circumstances.


The Chuck Norris of Ascensions

So here we are in the ‘Chuck Norris of ascensions’, feeling at times unprepared and that we are lacking information. Due to our egoic mind feeling that we lack information, we tend to latch on to the words and ideas of others, which can create misinterpretations within ourselves.




Phase Shifting the Body

We could hear information that is perhaps accurate but the way in which people interpret and misinterpret said information can create difficulty. Why is that?

It is not that people are incapable of listening, nor because people are somehow lacking intelligence. No… it is simply that the ascension that we are talking about is a phase shift into a fifth dimensional body state, not just a consciousness shift. If this were just a consciousness shift you would have done it ages ago. Rather, this is a full-body very physical process which directs the body and consciousness to be routed into 4D or 5D structures.


5D Wisdom Through a 3D Lens

Ascension happens to you and through you. We (the 3D self, the ego self, the small self) do not make ascension happen. Where we are going, and where many teachers tap into and tune into and relay information from is 5D. This means we have 5D wisdom and information being interpreted through a third-dimension lens and that creates corruption in understanding. This approach creates distortions and an over-reliance on the logical mind rather than the intuitive higher senses.

When you look at life from a purely analytical perspective, this one of the most difficult ways of being. Continually asking questions like, “But why?”, “But when?”, “But where?”, “But how?”, has prevented humanity from feeling into themselves for their intuitive responses and prompted them instead, to look to the outside world to answer their questions. Questions are not bad; they are just limiting when not self-sourced, and can keep you stuck in linearity.


The False Self

Within humanity today, there exists within a sense of profound exhaustion, particularly in spiritual people. It is the sort of exhaustion that if it could speak, it would say:

“I’ve been doing this forever; I just want a break! I want it to end! I want it to stop; it’s too much!”

This state of exhaustion stems is a symptom of carrying around a false identity for so many lifetimes. The false self is deeply rooted in the linearity of the left hemisphere of the brain. Through the ages, the linear left brain assumed the role of the “I” and began to pose as the true self. This is one of the reasons why Earth humanity has been locked into 3D for so long. The false self (the small self – the ego self – the 3D self) has been posing as the real you. Until now, the ‘real you’ has been unable to come back on line and into embodiment again. It is for this reason many people were going through lifetime after lifetime knowing intuitively that something was severely out of place, but not being able to pin point the source of misalignment.


The Misunderstandings of The False Self

The linear left brain, also known as the false-self-identity, has held many misperceptions about ascension, one of them being that it could either pass or fail ascension. This misunderstanding of the true nature of ascension devolved into the idea that to ascend, one must get it ‘right’. If you didn’t, your false self was certain it would get left behind while everyone else went ahead and left it to bask in its own failure.

This notion is simply not true nor has it ever been. In fact, the linear left brain is not the truth of who you are, it is not your identity. You have already have an identity, a true self that surpasses the limited intellect of the linear left brain in an exponential way; it is unquantifiable. That is the 5D mind, capable of sensing deeper into information, of settling into peace, of listening to its own intuitive voice that is fed by its connection to the Universe.

Humanity tends to get tripped up by these nagging linear questions, so let’s shine a little light and create more clarity.

What should come as a great relief to your inner self is that the brain, which is the basis of the false identity, is not the part of you that oversees ascension. The part of you that oversees ascension is the higher consciousness, also known as the higher self or the 5D self. This part of you already exists; you don’t have to create it or find it, only reconnect to it and in so doing, bring it into embodiment (into the body). Therefore, you are not going to become 5D, as you already exist in 5D. You are simply going to become self-realized, which means that you are going to remember in the body, “Oh yes, this is who I AM!”

The lights come back on, the true identity answers to your name, and that heralds the start of the phase shift. That is what it would be or what it would look like on the other side of ascension. As the true self returns, with it come the memories of who you are as an infinite eternal Being.

The three dimensional individual simply cannot comprehend this concept. To the 3D being on hearing you say ‘…you are infinite’, it might say, “Okay, yeah, I’m infinite”, as if regurgitating words without substance. To feel and remember the infinite nature of the true self is not necessarily within the capabilities of the 3D being. It is, however, within the capabilities of you as the higher consciousness.


Emotions – The 3D Stumbling Block

One of the things that trips us up the most in 3D are emotions and how well (or not) we process them. Think of emotions as a flow of energy, a beautiful river of consciousness, a stream of life force that flows through the body.

What we were taught in 3D is that emotions are big and scary and that we need to slow them down by analyzing them, understanding them, unpacking them, and determining why they are there. This process stops the flow of emotion and when that occurs, we become stuck. So, instead of being in the flow of life and consciousness, we become stuck in the emotions that we can’t seem to escape from.

The raising of consciousness is a natural process, when we get that, we understand that there is no pass or fail; we can only be ready and prepared, or not.


Answering Your Higher Calling

You are one of the people that has said: “YES, I want to move through the ascension process consciously!”
That is part of our soul plan, which is why you are reading this, why you are the being that you are, and thinking the thoughts that you are. You are reaching beyond the scope of what most people reach to in order to attain higher insights and higher answers all because something within you is answering to a higher calling.


Mass Ascension

What we are doing here, in our personal evolution, is getting ready for mass ascension and the inevitability of such an event, where all the human bodies collectively activate and phase shift at the same time.


The Trigger Event For Mass Ascension

Mass ascension occurs when there’s a certain trigger that is sent out to all those bodies at the same time. The trigger is the Sun. Our star, the sun is triggered by the greater sun, our Galactic sun, which is triggered by the Great Central Sun, the Universal sun. Our sun answers a call. As the call is answered, the Sun lights up and sends out what some people will call a solar flare. It is not really a solar flare; it is more like an energetic big bang.

I describe the moment of ascension this way and call to mind the stereotypical artist’s impression of the moment of the big bang, an incredible explosion of light, a macro-nova, a supernova, a surreal moment in time when all there is, is LIGHT. The trigger for mass ascension, therefore, comes from the Sun, and it literally lights up our planet and sends the final trigger to the body, at which point the body switches over from 3D to 5D. Until that moment, this and every day of your life is preparation!


Individual Ascensions

There are some people who will have an individual ascension prior to the rest of humanity, and they will do that for the same reason that you are reading this right now. Something inside them and something in you has said: “I’m here to be an example to others!” So, when others go through this process, they can look around and say: “Wait a minute, there are a lot of beings who are handling this really well! There are a lot of beings who look like they’re leading the way, helping me to prepare.”

There’s a lot of beings right now who are holding a calm serenity within them that makes the rest of the human family feel safe. The answered call is part of us answering a higher purpose that we maybe didn’t even know we were answering. Sometimes it’s about doing the best work for yourself that you possibly can, and in so doing, you end up supporting others.


Here’s a quick recap on ascension:

1. Distinctive: This ascension is unlike any other ascension. Although ascensions are cyclical and they’re natural to the body, this one is unlike any other because of the malevolent intent to thwart our ascension process.

2. Malevolence: Will that succeed in stopping our ascension now? No. We are done with the influence of that malevolent faction. They may not necessarily know it on all levels. However, at the higher levels they already do, and at the lower levels, they already suspect it, but malevolent force is utterly done. What we’re seeing now is the conclusion of that force of darkness upon the planet. The storyline must come to closure, and that is what we are witnessing right now.

3. Ease of Process: Remember that ascension happens with or without your input or awareness. However, being conscious as we go through it makes the in-body ascension, an experience of grace and ease. When we go through these easier ascension processes, we make it easier for everybody else, thereby answering a higher calling and a higher purpose. One of the most difficult ways to be a spiritual being on this planet, is caught in the over-thinking, analytical brain and attempting to facilitate ascension from the head. We cannot truly be in consciousness — which is what spirituality is — whilst being stuck in the egoic mind. We can aim for it, want it, and attempt to get there, but whilst we are operating primarily from the linear left brain, we are inhibited with how high in frequency we can rise. In a sense, we will keep bumping into an invisible ceiing and get frustrated that we are not growing, but remain stuck nonetheless.

4. False Ideology: Consider the possibility that non-spiritual people have an advantage over those who are particularly spiritual. This is because those people who have never been introduced to spirituality have also never been introduced to the myriad of false concepts that are currently held in the spiritual community. Within the spiritual community, there are some powerful people that had to be limited and inhibited from gaining full access to their true sovereignty, true power, and true essence. There was a concerted effort to infiltrate the spiritual community to leave some truths, some half-truths, and some non-truths, all given to you by the same people. The way that the human mind works is, it says, “Well, this one thing that this teacher said is utterly true, therefore everything they say is true. So, I’m just going to take the wholeness of what they say and accept it all to be true.”
There were people discarding what they thought truth was because a teacher told them otherwise. Now, we are learning that we have to regain all those personal truths that we might have dropped along the way in favor of somebody else whom we deemed to be more enlightened than ourselves. The false teachings that were imprinted upon the spiritual community created a lot of (intentional) confusion, disruption, turmoil and doubt. People spun around in circles having these half knowing’s that seemed like an elusive carrot, bringing them closer to God… so close, until it didn’t quite work out. This left many spiritual people feeling like failures, trying harder, and getting locked in the linear left-brain, experiencing a vicious cycle of effort and over-thinking. They would get stuck in emotions that they weren’t resolving and moving through, and that’s why I say that people who were not necessarily exposed to all that could have an advantage. They could have something that the spiritual people don’t have, which is none of that false ideology.

5. Embodied Truth: If you are recognizing that within yourself are places where you didn’t reach into yourself, and instead you reached for the teachings of another and accepted them as true; this does not mean you failed or did anything wrong. Maybe what you learned is true, maybe it’s not. Truth only becomes YOUR truth when you feel it and embody it, so this is an opportunity to filter what you know through the body now, to step out of the brain’s linearity, away from ascension ‘teachers’ teachings, and into the sanctuary of your own wisdom. Through this process, you will hone your skill and step into a level of mastery that you would not have otherwise stepped into.



Ascension Symptoms

Ascension symptoms deserve their own dedicated post; However, I’m going to give you the quickest and briefest rundown that I can.

Our senses are expanding, and we are beginning to sense beyond the veil, which really means sensing beyond the limitation of 3D where everything is solid and you can touch it, feel it, and taste it with your physical senses. We are moving beyond that now and are beginning to sense beyond the so-called solid structure. This is the imposition of reality. It is where the five senses were only able to interpret in an extremely narrow bandwidth. Our eyes for example, are only able to see .001% of the visible light spectrum, what a very narrow band of awareness! That’s the equivalent of using your senses to perceive a teeny-weeny little matchbox when there’s an entire universe around you. As we expand beyond that little matchbox and begin to start sensing beyond the veil, or beyond the imposition of a false reality, we start to get a bit of vertigo because now we’re realizing: “Whoa! I’m bigger than I thought I was!”

We are beginning to connect to the Aether that surrounds us, meaning the energetic world that surrounds that little imposed false reality and we’re starting to feel the vastness of where we live. True reality comes trickling in slowly, and for many of us, it was like a light in the distance. It comes closer and closer over time; this is actually the place beyond the veil. The connection to this new expanded space sends the body into a tailspin, and these are what we call ascension symptoms. They are really the amplification of the senses and even the introduction of new senses. As the body tries to get used to these new senses within it, it wobbles a bit. For example, you can get headaches, experience vertigo, and get ringing in the ears. You can get all sorts of symptoms, similar to what you would get if you were at very high altitudes or diving down at very deep depths of water where it puts so much pressure on the body.


Not Medical Advice!

Please don’t take this as medical advice. If you don’t have the honed discernment to know for yourself, you have got no business listening to other people telling you what’s going on in your body. This is what we’re learning, right? We are all learning to become more autonomous, to step into a level of responsibility within ourselves that says, “Actually, this is what’s going on. Yes, I need help or no, I don’t.”

Work towards connecting with yourself to develop a relationship of trust with yourself, one that would let you know when what you’re experiencing is an ascension symptom, versus the moments when you may need support.


Frequently Asked Questions on Ascension:

1. ‘Are we there yet?’
Here’s a great example: My daughter sits in the back seat, and I will take her on a five-minute trip. Literally, it is just two turns away from where we live and after the first 30 seconds she asks, “Are we there yet?” Kids universally have this same question that they ask because time feels different to children. It tends to feel a lot longer, so 30 seconds from her perspective and 30 seconds from my perspective are different. For her it feels like we’ve been driving for years, and to the driver, it’s more like, “What are you talking about? We’ve just left!” It’s a time discrepancy. Our ascension, believe it or not, is happening quickly. We impatiently ask questions. It’s those people who are going, “Oh my gosh, this ascension is taking so long! Are we there yet? We were supposed to ascend in 2012. We were supposed to ascend in 2016 and 18 and now it’s 2021. I can’t anymore this is just taking so long!” From the perspective of the Galactics, they’re looking at this going, “What are you talking about? We’ve only been doing this for a very short time and you’re on the brink of it anyway.” It’s the answer that I would give my daughter when we are just literally around the bend. I would say, “Darling, just hold on, we are just down the road. We are nearly there!” That’s what the Galactics are saying to us: “Whoa, hold on! You are just about there, don’t be so impatient.”

Mind you, I am an impatient one, so I understand the “are we there yet” question. However, it will be much more beneficial to stop being the passenger and start being the driver. It makes the world of difference! What I mean by that is, as you raise your awareness from a passive place waiting for ascension to happen into a more active place where you’re not necessarily making ascension happen, but you are consciously interacting with ascension, suddenly time will start to speed up for you and you’re going to realize, “Whoa, ascension is happening in me right now! I am aware of it inside of me.”

You see, there’s a cellular awakening happening in this exact moment that alleviates the impatience and the “Are we there yet?” Also remember this is a head-based question, one the 3D chattering brain that wants to break apart, analyze, keep score and let you know: “If it’s a race, I want to be first. I want to be the overachiever that gets the A++.”
These ideas are pretty painful to sit with, and they are not a judgment, but rather a recognition that we can move beyond that mindset. The key is to move beyond being the one who is sitting and waiting, to one who is more actively participating in the process.

2. “What will we do when we get there, or what do we do when we’re in 5D?”
This is a question that only an enslaved being would ask. Remember that most of us are enslaved without ever knowing that we’re enslaved. We are so enslaved that we think we’re free. One of the questions of that particular mindset is, “What will I do if I don’t have a job to get to and I don’t have to sit in traffic every day to get to that job and I’m not answering to a boss? Who am I answering to? What will I do?”

We’re shifting from being doing-orientated to being-orientated, which means moving out of the head and into the body. We’re moving into a completely different experience of self, one in which the doing, over-achieving, rushing, and the rat race (all that insane craziness that you occupied yourself with that you thought was your purpose – that you thought you were here to do), all melts away so that you can be who you are. Keep in mind that being does not mean sitting still and not doing anything. It can be active and busy, but it comes from a centred, conscious place where anxiety and panic simply do not exist. This conscious place is when the infinite Self is looking through your physical eyes at the world and can assimilate all the incoming information beyond the ability of the five senses to receive. There’s a busy-ness on the inner level because it is absorbing all the information and light around you. You are connected, as an example, to the Sun in the sky, the birds that you’re hearing, to the ground that you’re walking on. You are interacting with all of these beings and these consciousnesses, and you’re also, let’s say…on your way to pick up the kids or on your way to visit someone, etc. You can be busy whilst being but you’re doing it from a totally new place, a switched on, interactive and connected place.

3. To answer the question “What will I do?”
You’ll do whatever you’re inspired to do. Creativity will become more honoured, revered, and will be given way more space in daily life. Remember, the ascension journey doesn’t mean, “Okay, now we’ve ascended. Boom! Now, I’m retired and I’m not going to work again.”

Ascension means in that shift of consciousness; you wake up and realize you don’t have to be enslaved anymore. It would more be about what you are here to do and what serves you. In serving yourself, you then serve the collective; it serves everyone because it will be answering an inner calling. For example: I want to be a healer, I want to bake cake for everybody that tastes amazing, I want to be part of establishing gardens or communities or dealing with the children. Whatever it is that you feel called to work with — inspired to work with – from a place of passion, pleasure, and enjoyment, that’s what you will do!

Remember, it’s okay to take your time. If you haven’t yet figured it out, you will once you are in a higher state of being. You see, part of the preparation that we’re undergoing as we move from 3D to 5D more consciously is having these thoughts just drop in like, “Oh, what if I could do this? Oh, what if I could do that?”

Many years ago, I remember seeing a connection that I had to the Galactic beings. I knew my role was supporting them in working with humanity because the mindset of humanity is just so different from what they are used to dealing with. It was being a bridge for both sides for the Galactics to humanity and humanity to the Galactics. I remember thinking that I can’t wait for that to happen! And I did wait, and the moment I started to wait, I found myself in a very painful place. I had this idea of what I was going to do, (there’s a prime example of where stepping into the brain can become such a limiting thing) and my assumption was, I get to do that once we’ve ascended, instead of realizing I get to do that NOW. It took me a couple of years to figure that one out. Fortunately, once I stopped waiting, none of that fulfilment of purpose ever felt like a doing, it only ever felt effortless.

Whatever it is that you do in that ascended reality, it will be a natural extension of who you are. It is not work in the way that we understand 3D work; rather, it is more an organic extension of you. No, you don’t have to have the answer now. Yes, you can allow it to just unfold before your eyes…and it will.

4. What if I die? What if ascension kills me? What if my body can’t do it? What if I don’t stay alive long enough?
Again, this is a very linear question from the notion that somehow ascension is something you can pass or fail. There’s an underlying fear in the question, “What if I die?”

The answer to this particular question is, then it is your soul’s time to go. That is what happens when you die; it is because your soul has said, “I’m done. I’ve done whatever I need to.”

Maybe you are asking this question because you are already an 80-year-old being. Maybe it’s because you only came in to do something and it’s done. Remember, we are already higher consciousness, we are already 5D beings and way beyond. Physical ascension is simply about bringing the body up to speed with it so it can be that. From the soul’s perspective, it is saying, “Ascension is not necessary for me”, for whatever reason.”

Similarly related questions are, “What if I die during the process? Or what if my body’s not capable of doing this?”

Everybody is capable of ascension. Some people will disagree because their body is missing a limb, is paralyzed, diseased, fat, old, crippled, arthritic, and oh, wow, the list is endless. Your body is exactly in perfect shape for you to ascend in. It is your vehicle. The kind of supreme light that we’re dealing with that causes a phase shift from one state of being (the carbon-based density) into the crystalline-based lightness is ample light to restore the body and heal it into whatever the body needs to be. It is the kind of light that light heals your body in an instant. It youths your body in an instant. It restores your body in an instant. So, drop that idea that somehow your body can’t do this, because it really is very capable.

5. What if my family doesn’t make it? What if somehow, we get separated? What if I ascend and they don’t? Or vice versa, what if they ascend and I don’t? What if I can’t reach them? What if…?”
These ‘what if’ questions derive from fear engendered within the brain, the chattering mind, the 3D self, trying to understand a 5D concept that is incredibly difficult. This is where all these distortions and limitations derive. There is something within us that is mortally afraid of separation, which is something that needs to be healed for this answer to even make sense.

However, here is the short answer to a multi-faceted topic:

Many years ago, I was lying on my bed just half in and out of sleep when I heard my whole family calling me (my husband and my three children). At that stage, my third child wasn’t yet born, but we’d been in touch with her long before she was ever born so we knew that there were three kids. Anyway, there I was on my bed and they were calling me, it was like “Wake up! Wake up!” I remember thinking to myself, but I am awake, and I was very aware that these beings that are my family were calling me from a higher place. They weren’t calling me from outside in the garden as I could sense that I knew that these beings were at least 5D or beyond and the connection with them was so familiar. There were nuances of difference when I looked at each of their faces, in that their faces were younger and more aligned. That subtle difference made me realize I was seeing a higher, or an ascended version of them, and they were right there with me (albeit that my third child wasn’t yet born). I wondered where they were calling me from and if I had two families, I soon understood that we all are in a higher state already, and that we are bringing this dense 3D form into meeting that higher state being, merging them and becoming ONE. This means that your family already exists in 5D, and that’s what my family were showing me; that they already exist in 5D and that I already exist in 5D. I spoke to them a couple times afterwards and they are working as a collective, we as a 5D family are working as a collective, to wake ourselves up.

Indeed, ‘waking ourselves up’ is an interesting choice of words because we are already awake. Yet, this was the realization that ascension has already occurred at a level and we’re just catching up with it. Yes, everybody is going to catch up with it at some point. When you consider your family, take note of the existing bond of love between you and them, that is a soul connection. Sometimes, an Earth-family originates in the same oversoul; either way, the idea of being separate, of being disconnected, whilst it’s a horror idea to a 3D being – to a higher being of higher consciousness, it’s an impossibility. We will always be together because WE ARE ONE. These are the concepts of a 5D being, I cannot be separate from you, nor you from me.


You are here to remember the truth of who you are!
Lots of Love,



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