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Kerry K has an extraordinary gift, she facilitates interactions with people that catalyze them to remember who they are. She works with the Galactic Federation to support humanity in connecting with their galactic identity and to reconnect with the truth of who they are.

For more than 20 years she has been an international leader in consciousness. creating a bridge for people to connect to and interact with their divinity.

Kerry has a knack for simplifying spirituality, for creating inclusion, for demystifying ascension and creating ease for all in her presence. She reminds them that life really is simple, that ascension happens with or without their intervention and that if they allow it, they can meet themselves in a place that would not dare to dream of.

“We are built to interact with our divinity, beyond the boundaries of shame and inadequacy lies the infinite truth of who we are. Dare to remember. “ -Kerry K

Kerry offers sublime guided meditations and transformational courses, all of which are available online. Visit the Shop.

You can also connect with her as a Patreon member, join the Plasma Tier for weekly classes and a truly in depth soul journey.
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