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Meet Kerry

Hi I’m Kerry K and I am here to help people Remember who they are. If that sounds intriguing to you, read on, because there is an Eternal-Self calling you home and awaiting your remembrance.

In order for you to Remember who you are, you must be introduced to your Divinity; I would like to show you how practical and accessible that Divinity is and how to bring it into your body and have a full-bodied interaction with it.

The establishment of this connection to self is utterly fundamental and it happens to be what I’m really good at teaching, in a very practical way, through conversations, activations, and meditations.

Meet Yourself

I know this is my bio and I should introduce myself to you but instead of that, I would like to introduce yourself to you, in a way that you have never seen before. You are a kaleidoscope of colour, sound, vibration, and frequency, interwoven into your living presence as waves of pulsing energy. This living presence is in constant connection and communion with the Divine Source of All Creation, aka God, The Universe, All-That-Is. You have a unique opportunity in this life, to remember who you are as this living presence, to reconnect with your Divinity and bring it into form.

Demystifying Spirituality

This embodiment is what spirituality is, and I love to demystify it, so that you walk a straight and easy path, right into the centre of your being. Spirituality is about connection, plain and simple. It is about how connected you are to your truth, to life and to the Universe. But most importantly, it is about how deeply you feel that connection inside your body.

More about me

Some important things about me: I have been a spiritual teacher for 25 years, I’m human, this means I’m a lot more like you than you would think. I mess up, I wake up, I grow, I transform and become more every time.

I have always been aware of my communication and intimate connection with the Universe and as a child, I remember boarding space craft and speaking to beings who did not look human but spoke a language of love and wisdom that I continue to hear today. I still speak to these beings, I call them “The Galactics” and they are a group of non-terrestrial beings supporting humanity in embodying their Higher Consciousness.

things I want for you


  • to remember the truth of who you are
  • to listen to your inner wisdom above all others
  • to remember that your primary language is not a spoken one, it’s a language of feeling and love
  • to connect to yourself and feel life fully
  • to know that life and The Universe longs for you as much as you long for it
  • to feel your own presence as pure innocence restored
  • to know yourself in your divinity, as presence, in form
  • to know that you are good-enough in the most magical way possible
  • to know that you are the home you have longed for and to occupy it, so go home!
  • to know that spirituality and higher consciousness is the essence of who you are
  • to know that ascension happens to you and through you, you are not here to make it happen but to allow it to take its natural course

with love



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More about Kerry K


If you’re here you have probably read my bio and are curious to know a bit more about me and how I work with you.

Your inner voice

There is only one voice to listen to in your life, and that voice belongs to you. Everything you learn here will be bringing you into alignment with that voice but there is something you should know about it.

It does not speak in words.

It communicates with you all the time but not in words, its language is your primary language and the one you spoke before you learned English (or whatever your home language is). The language of energetic vibration, translated into feelings, this is our universal language and as you remember who you are, this is part of what you will return to.

A Body of Spirit

Just like gazing at a beautiful body of water, I see your physical body as a body of energetic vibration manifest into form; a synthesis of light, colour and sound coming together in a kaleidoscope of wave forms that become solid matter, also known as you.

Transcending the story of your life.

Because I know you as a body of spirit before I know you as a human body, I am introduced to the real you. This is my joy and blessing, to meet people as they truly are instead of who they pretend to be.

When I meet you at this level, I can mirror your true self back to you in a way that allows you to see yourself more fully, to meet yourself at your depth and to embrace yourself in a way you have longed to be seen.

You are the home I am here to lead you to

So many star seeds and wanderers are looking, longing, and yearning for that illusive place where they will finally belong, be seen and understood. Whilst this will happen, and is an absolute eventuality, it may not occur in the way you expect.

You are the home you seek; you are the one who needs to see you, meet you, discover and embrace you. You are the home I am here to lead you to.

Demystifying Spirituality for the Everyday Alchemist

What will be disappointing to some but a massive relief to many, is that spirituality, higher consciousness, and the ascension journey are not reserved for the mystical few. Spirituality is not mystical, but it is magical in a wonderous kind of a way. I am going to show you how simple, practical, and relatable spirituality is, and you’ll discover that you are an everyday alchemist.

Bringing Divinity into Form

If it is not in the body, then it’s not in your reality and I want you to benefit to the highest possible degree from your interactions with Higher Consciousness. I want you to know it and feel it inside of your skin, settling into your bones and integrating itself into your presence as physicality. Go back to my first paragraph where I wrote that you are a body of spirit; a synthesis of light, colour and sound coming together in a kaleidoscope of wave forms that become solid matter, also known as you.

This is the truth of you, you have always known it, but it is time to live that now.

If your divinity is not an experience felt in your body, then you are missing out and I want you to have the full experience because we are here a one human family, walking each other home. Let’s join hands now, it’s time to take the final leg of the journey.